Where To Buy Korean Skincare and Beauty Products Online?

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Korean skincare is not only hugely popular in Korea, but it is now taking the world by storm! But if you don’t live in Korean – where can you safely buy Korean skincare products online? 

Sadly though, many Western beauty stores still don’t stock Korean skincare products. So how will you get your hands on these amazing products we hear you ask? Luckily, there are dozens of awesome online shops specialising in K-beauty and skincare products (often shipping direct from Korea), and I’m going to share my favourite ones with you today.

The Best Online Korean Skincare Shops

I’ve been successfully shopping online for Korean skincare products for many years. Since there are so many online shops selling Korean skincare products, it can be hard to know which one to purchase your products from. I’ve decided to put together a list of my favourite and most trusted online shops to make it super easy for you sift through all the choices out there!

1. Yesstyle (Online Mega-Shop For Asian Skincare, Beauty, Fashion and Accessories)

Where to buy Korean skincare online Yesstyle
Where to buy Korean skincare online? You can’t go wrong with Yesstyle – and they stock Japanese items too!

Yesstyle has to be my first choice when it comes to shopping online for Korean skincare products. They ship direct from South Korea and have the biggest range and also stock a lot of Japanese and Taiwanese skincare and beauty products (this is where I get my Hada Labo hyaluronic acid lotion from).

Another advantage when it comes to Yesstyle is that they offer free shipping to most places if you’re ordering a few items (for Australians it is currently free shipping for all orders over $52). They also include plenty of free samples with your order.

The reason I like buying from Yesstyle is because I can rest assured that I’m buying real products and no fakes. I can’t stress enough about how important it is to buy from a trusted seller with good reviews to avoid buying a fake product that contains who knows what. If the price of a product you want is too good to be true (mostly on Amazon or eBay) – then it could be a fake. See below for what my tips are for buying Korean skincare products on Amazon or eBay.

2. Jolse (Korea-Based Online Shop For Korean Skincare and Beauty Products)

Where to buy Korean Skincare online Jolse
A look at some of the best sellers on the Jolse homepage. Another of my current go-to Korean skincare online shops. I really cannot live without that Jeju Orchid Eye Cream!

Jolse remains one of my favourite online shops to buy Korean skincare and beauty products from. It’s actually the first shop I ever purchased items from (way back in 2012) and I love their friendly and fast service. 

Again, Jolse have quite a large range of items, although you won’t find Japanese or Taiwanese products on this website. They also ship direct from Korea and their prices are quite similar to, if not even a little cheaper than Yesstyle. 

They offer free shipping on orders of any value and one of my favourite perks about shopping with Jolse is that they also have a rewards program where you get points every time you make a purchase. These points can then be used for a shopping credit. I also feel very confident when buying items from Jolse that I’m not buying any fake products. 

3. Soko Glam (America-Based Online Shop For Korean Skincare Products)

Where to buy Korean skincare online Soko Glam
Soko Glam sure looks very glam! This website would be perfect if you’re based in the US and don’t know where to buy Korean skincare from. This online shop offers so much detailed skincare information too.

Soko Glam is a beautifully laid out and well-trusted US-based online store which is an ease to navigate. Founded by Charlotte Cho, a South Korean-American esthetician, author and entrepreneur, this website looks so pretty that you’ll have a hard time not filling your cart full of goodies.

Although the range available on Soko Glam is not as extensive as that of Yesstyle or Jolse, it offers loads of in-depth information and product advice based around the Korean 10-step skincare routine. It even features a K-beauty blog (nicknamed The Klog) and you can earn rewards with every purchase that can be used for a shopping discount next time you need to stock up.

Soko Glam offers free shipping on all US orders above $35. The advantage for US buyers is that you would receive your order faster than if shopping from an online store based in Korea or elsewhere. 

If you’re not based in the US, then you’ll be happy to know that Soko Glam does ship internationally (to about 30 countries currently). 

4. BeautyNetKorea (Another Korea-Based Online Shop Specialising in Korean Beauty Products)

Where to buy Korean skincare online BeautyNetKorea
BeautyNetKorea is heaven for anyone that loves Korean makeup. They have such a massive range and stock popular skincare lines too.

This is another big Korean-based online shop with quite an extensive range of items, however they specialise in Korean beauty products more so than Korean skincare products. 

I’ve always received my orders really fast (under a fortnight to Australia) and I think the service is really good. I like that they also have a rewards system – which has saved up to 20AUD on a few occasions! 

Only downside (compared to shopping with Yesstyle or Jolse) is that I don’t get shipping for free. 

5. iHerb For Korean Skincare Products

where to buy Korean skincare online iHerb
Yes, you can buy Korean skincare on iHerb! Their range is growing every day and their prices are very good.

I’m pretty new to shopping with iHerb, but I love that they have also started stocking some Korean skincare items (mainly very popular items from brands such as COSRX and Etude House).

I’ve found their prices to be really good and comparable to Yesstyle and Jolse, and I’ll often stock up on items I’m about to run out of when I am buying non-Korean skincare things like essential oils, vitamin C serum and supplements. 

Although their shipping is quite speedy, it’s not free to ship to Australia. If you live in the States however, you will benefit from their free shipping! 

6. Trusted eBay Stores For Korean Skincare Products

Where to buy Korean skincare online ebay
A snippet of some of the bestsellers on the Roseroseshop on eBay. Not surprising that they are all COSRX products!

Amazon is yet to take off in Australia (I believe it’s happening slowly). So, I love that there are a few really good and trustworthy shops on eBay to buy Korean skincare products from. 

I usually find that prices on eBay are among the best anywhere (I guess they have to be to compete with so many other shops). When shopping on eBay though, you have to be careful to shop from well trusted shops with positive reviews to avoid being scammed or ending up with fake products. 

If you like shopping on eBay, here’s a couple of Korean skincare shops I highly recommend as I’ve only ever had very positive experiences shopping through them. I also love reading a couple of Korean skincare forums (such as the Asian Beauty subreddit) and I’m people are constantly talking about the positive experiences they have had with these shops too:


This eBay store is probably the most popular eBay shop when it comes to Korean skincare products. They have quite an extensive range (although not as much as Yesstyle and Jolse) and their prices are very good. They have recently also recently started offering free shipping (added the cost of shipping into the items instead). I prefer this as it makes it so much easier when I’m comparing prices from multiple websites. They also process orders very fast and since everything ships directly from Korea, I get them pretty fast. 


This store is Jolse’s eBay shopfront. As of today the time of writing this post, they have almost 4000 Korean skincare and beauty items listed in their shop. They do charge extra for shipping, but in the end it works out pretty much the same as when buying from their website or somewhere else with free shipping. They also have over 200,000 positive reviews! 


Similar to iamlove-shop, f2plus1 is the eBay version of BeautyNetKorea. Again, this eBay shop has over 200,000 positive reviews and has pretty much the same range as the Jolse eBay shop (maybe a little bit less). 

There are of course many other eBay shops selling authentic Korean skincare and beauty products (I just listed my favourite 3). The main thing to remember when buying through eBay is to look at the rating of the shop and how many positive reviews it has. I wouldn’t buy from a shop that has a positive rating less than 99.5% and I always do a quick google or search on the Asian Beauty subreddit first to see what other people’s experiences were like with a shop I am contemplating purchasing from. 

7. Buying Korean Skincare Products on Amazon

where to buy Korean skincare online Amazon
A little look at the current homepage of the Etude House shopfront on Amazon. Oh boy, I love the Soon Jung line!

Similar to eBay, you do have to shop with a little caution when buying Korean skincare products from Amazon. There are just a few simple rules to follow to avoid buying unauthentic items.

It’s best to buy from official brand stores on Amazon (most popular brands do have storefronts on Amazon – such as that of Etude House). You also have the option of buying from the official Jolse or BeautyNetKorea Amazon stores (similar to eBay). 

Also, pay attention to shop ratings and check reviews before buying from an Amazon seller. 

I should also mention that a huge perk of Amazon is Amazon Prime – you don’t have to panic when you suddenly realise you only have 3 days worth of sunscreen left! Sadly, although we do have access to Amazon Prime in Australia now, this is still not really an option for us as the shipping costs are way too high. 

In Summary

I hope that this brief post has helped you to decide where to buy Korean skincare products from. Obviously, there are many more online shops I could have listed. However, these are my personal favourites and the ones I’ve had the best experiences with or read the most positive reviews about. Depending on where in the world you are located, you may even have some online shops from your country specialising in Korean skincare (I know there are a few Australian, European and Canadian ones). 

Also, if you’re only just putting together a Korean skincare routine and need some help deciding what products you should start off with, then I’ve written a helpful guide about creating a very simple Korean skincare routine.