Hi! I’m Kat 🙂

Thank you for stopping by here!

My goal is to make Korean Skincare Tips an online resource for better skin.

No matter what skin type or skin concern – from acne to anti-aging – my aim is to write high quality content to help anyone with their skincare questions – of course with a focus on Korean skincare!

I actually only started looking after my skin when I turned 34 as everything I always tried just broke me out! I had given up on using any skincare ingredients completely.

However, it was all thanks to discovering the world of Korean skincare that I could start looking after my skin! Here’s just a short list of improvements I’ve seen in my skin since creating a skincare routine with Korean skincare products:

  1. I don’t get breakouts as often and when I do, the pimples are much less severe and clear much faster
  2. My hyperpigmentation is fading
  3. My skin is much less oily AND more hydrated
  4. My skin looks brighter
  5. My pores are smaller
  6. I have less blackheads
  7. The fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable

BUT…it took me a many many hours of research to find out how to start a Korean skincare routine! Many nights were spent learning about the steps of the Korean skincare routine.

I had to first become familiar with the many Korean skincare brands and common ingredients used in products (I had no idea what snail mucin, and AHA or BHA were for example). And then I had to find out which products were right for MY skin!

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How I Write Content For This Website:

As I confess throughout this website, I’m a bit of a biology/science nerd.

I studied biology at University and especially loved my biochemistry subjects. And, as it turns out – biochemistry (and biology in general) comes in super handy when learning about skincare: from how ingredients work on your skin to how acne forms!

I’m hoping that I can provide useful information to help you with your skincare concerns without going too much into the science of it (although I just can’t help myself sometimes).

Another thing you should know – I’m a bit of a perfectionist, meaning that I will spend many hours researching for an article before I even start writing. This means:

  1. Reading scientific peer-reviewed journal articles
  2. Watching skincare experts on YouTube and reading expert skincare blogs
  3. Reading countless forum posts and reviews

I hope that the content I write for this website will help you to improve your skin using Korean skincare products – without having to spend the many hours I did searching every corner of the internet for the information I needed to get started!

Kat 🙂